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  • 11 Jan 2024
    They are good and consistent
    Can’t go wrong with their cheese pizza .
    Posted by: 92 Cummings ave- The Canfield familyVerified Purchaser
  • 10 Dec 2023
    Great food
    Posted by: ShortyVerified Purchaser
  • 11 Nov 2023
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 17 Oct 2023
    Pizza that you need
    If you’re in Pittsfield, looking for a slice. Stop here
    Posted by: DadVerified Purchaser
  • 29 Sep 2023
    Best In Pittsfield
    I've gotten delivery from everywhere. This is the best Pizza place in Pittsfield.
    Posted by: The Only Amanda Rose that like...mattersVerified Purchaser
  • 28 Aug 2023
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 26 May 2023
    chic quesèdilla
    I order these week ly...incredibly good!!!
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 09 May 2023
    The food is good and I order from them often using the website. Food arrives on time and the order is always right. There is a lot of variety on the menu. My kids both like it and that is saying something.
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 20 Mar 2023
    ALWAYS great service and great food. Fast delivery and pickup.
    Posted by: BillVerified Purchaser
  • 16 Mar 2023
    Good service
    Fast, polite, accurate
    Posted by: AMVerified Purchaser
  • 30 Dec 2022
    Best Omelettes ever!!
    Posted by: Skigirl1Verified Purchaser
  • 17 Dec 2022
    Best pizza around
    Always love this place 😊
    Posted by: Bradley PetersVerified Purchaser
  • 10 Dec 2022
    Pizza is not the only gem
    I've had their omelets w/homefries and it is delicious. The chef salad is actually a meal for two, it has plenty of meat. Definitely worth the price.
    Posted by: MichaelVerified Purchaser
  • 26 Nov 2022
    Always good and a good price. Worth it. My go to place for a Saturday night dinner!
    Posted by: ElmerVerified Purchaser
  • 08 Jun 2022
    Posted by: Danielle GouletVerified Purchaser
  • 14 May 2022
    Posted by: GunzAndTingzVerified Purchaser
  • 10 Apr 2022
    Food Quality
    I've been buying food from here for a while and spending alot of money, but I'm going to have to find somewhere else to buy food from. Their food will taste good for a while and then not...it's very inconsistent..the Alfredo Sauce, the garlic parm sauce for their wings. I'm not sure why or if there's different cooks, but even so your food should be and taste the same EVERY time . Same with portions, they give you a good amount and then the next time don't. It's very disappointing.
    Posted by: Bonnie BerryVerified Purchaser
  • 02 Apr 2022
    Worst experience ever!!
    If I could give it a negative star I would.first off I called in an order she was rushing me I had orderd two things when I went to ask her what I orderd she said don’t worry I got it right and I said well can I at least ask if yiu take I pay and then said no and just hung up on me. When my daughter got back with the order it was wrong she gave me boneless wings when I had asked for bone in wings and I asked for a twelve live not six so I called back the hung up on me then called back again and said you got my order wrong and she said well we record are phone calls I said good let’s please go over it and she was yelling at me the hole time said My boss is not here there is nothing I can do for you. I would never recommend going there I would never order there overpriced food. and that person should be fired!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by:
  • 13 Mar 2022
    My Go-To
    The food is always delicious and deliveries always fast and correct. My favorite place to order from!
    Posted by: SamVerified Purchaser
  • 21 Feb 2022
    Great food
    So far anything we have tried has been good! Delivery service is pretty quick too.
    Posted by: Ashley WittoVerified Purchaser
  • 03 Dec 2021
    Best stromboli in town.
    Posted by: weekly dinnerVerified Purchaser
  • 01 Oct 2021
    Great food/ Service!!
    There are a couple other local places with menus similar to Empire, including one a few blocks away, however the food here is way better. The food is almost always correct and if something does happen to get made wrong or left out they fix it right away withOUT an attitude. Salads in particular are awesome and large! You basically get two meals for 12 dollars. If given the choice I chose Empire everytime.
    Posted by: Jenny SVerified Purchaser
  • 29 Jul 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 10 Jul 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 22 Jun 2021
    Posted by: Chris CarlottaVerified Purchaser
  • 09 May 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 06 May 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 14 Apr 2021
    The best food and service!!!
    Posted by: Renata GremiaoVerified Purchaser
  • 13 Apr 2021
    Absolutely the best!!!
    Best food in Pittsfield, wish I could take them home to Arkansas with me
    Posted by: LadonnaVerified Purchaser
  • 09 Mar 2021
    Posted by: David VincentVerified Purchaser