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  • 01 Oct 2021
    Thank you !
    The only pizzeria I trust in Chicopee been ordering here for over a year and will not go anywhere else thank you for yah great service and food , you guys are great !
    Posted by: JP CrespoVerified Purchaser
  • 14 Sep 2021
    Boneless Garlic Parm chix n garlic cheese pizza
    Thumbs up!!! I placed "thick crust" for the pizza and it was not thick like it used to be and the boneless chicken was dripping in buttery garlic and parmesan...I am in heaven. I am looking forward to loyalty program for people like me who definitely will order from Falls often!
    Posted by: TKVerified Purchaser
  • 30 Aug 2021
    Great food, amazing service
    We order from Falls Pizza every week for our employees! Love their pizza, their staff is always friendly and service is quick and easy! Thank you guys’
    Posted by: Cana Korean RestaurantVerified Purchaser
  • 14 Aug 2021
    Posted by: Phyllis DupreVerified Purchaser
  • 08 Aug 2021
    We have ordered all types of food and each and every time the food has all been extremely excellent.
    Posted by: GaryVerified Purchaser
  • 01 Aug 2021
    Posted by: James O’DonnellVerified Purchaser
  • 24 Jul 2021
    Love everything about Falls! They are so friendly when you walk in the door, and the food is always great! It’s literally the only place I really order from :)
    Posted by: MarissaVerified Purchaser
  • 14 Jun 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 28 May 2021
    Great Food
    My wife and I have going to Falls Pizza for 30 + years, or since they've been there. Whatever is fewer. Pizza is tasty, and I love there stir-fry and eggplant pitas. Delivery is prompt, and the food is always warm. Be sure to give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
    Posted by: King ArthurVerified Purchaser
  • 14 May 2021
    Excellent food
    Best combination pizza in Chicopee. Really good burgers and salads, as well.
    Posted by: ASLVerified Purchaser
  • 02 May 2021
    Excellent Food
    Exactly as ordered, loved the philly grinder, kids loved the grilled cheese w bacon and curly fries are really good, w/cheese
    Posted by: JasonVerified Purchaser
  • 30 Apr 2021
    Good food
    Great quality and good portion sizes. We choose Falls Pizza over all the other pizza places around.
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 29 Apr 2021
    Loyal customer
    I love the service loyal customer for life
    Posted by: DDVerified Purchaser
  • 21 Apr 2021
    Posted by: Molly MaxamVerified Purchaser
  • 25 Mar 2021
    The Best!!
    I love everything on these place!
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 20 Mar 2021
    Always a favorite
    I have loved Falls for years! Always consistent with quality of their food. Salads are yummy, pizza too, obsessed with their pitas, and curly fries. Sometimes it takes about 45 mins for delivery, but I always equate it to them being in high demand. If you choose to pickup your food it is usually ready for you much quicker, if you don’t have the patience to wait. However I always order delivery, because I have the patience! Never been disappointed!
    Posted by: KassandraVerified Purchaser
  • 18 Mar 2021
    Huge fan of this all star team.
    Their customer service, coupled with their ability to produce top quality food in a timely manner is unmatched. This restaurant is the Tom Brady of restaurants.
    Posted by: Anthony Dart IIVerified Purchaser
  • 11 Mar 2021
    The best pizza and grinders and the staff is AMAZING
    Posted by: JoVerified Purchaser
  • 04 Mar 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 25 Feb 2021
    Falls Pizza
    Meal always delivered hot. Huge selection.
    Posted by: Mark C.Verified Purchaser
  • 10 Feb 2021
    My family is always happy with our food.
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 07 Feb 2021
    Great food
    Great food Buffalo wings pizza french fries everything’s been great little pricey but worth it
    Posted by: Buffalo wings pizza french fries everything’s beenVerified Purchaser
  • 07 Feb 2021
    We love Falls Pizza!
    We order almost every week. The food is good, the order comes quickly, and the drivers are all very nice.
    Posted by: Sheila FelletterVerified Purchaser
  • 02 Feb 2021
    Posted by: Debra BaerVerified Purchaser
  • 29 Jan 2021
    I love Falls
    I work in Group Homes for various companies and the residents (as well as myself) love Falls Pizza. Sandwiches and Pizza are excellent. Fried foods? About the same as everywhere else, but still delicious.
    Posted by: Dawn GirouxVerified Purchaser
  • 27 Jan 2021
    This place is the best! My food always comes fast and tastes amazing. I would definitely recommend it. :)
    Posted by: Kiki :)Verified Purchaser
  • 24 Jan 2021
    Posted by: Russell RzewnickiVerified Purchaser
  • 11 Jan 2021
    Always delicious. Never disappointed.
    Posted by: Anita BergeronVerified Purchaser
  • 09 Jan 2021
    amazing food. fast, friendly delivery and super easy pick up!
    Posted by: heidimarieVerified Purchaser
  • 28 Dec 2020
    Great Food
    Awesome food at great prices.
    Posted by: Darren DVerified Purchaser