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  • 11 Apr 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 26 Mar 2021
    LOVE that they deliver!
    Busy family that lives in the area. We order from here at least 2x a week and never disappointed! They really do have some great menu options and their pizza tastes like it's very fresh and authentic. Keep up the great quality on the food! And, WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!
    Posted by: Jean G. from MiltonVerified Purchaser
  • 25 Mar 2021
    They have the best pizza we have had in a long time.
    Posted by: maxtebVerified Purchaser
  • 19 Mar 2021
    Good pizza. Good serv.
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 17 Feb 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 13 Feb 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 08 Feb 2021
    Posted by: Verified Purchaser
  • 10 Jan 2021
    Great food, great prices
    Best cheesesteaks in Sussex county! My kids love the pizza, and every employee is always smiling.
    Posted by: Dave JVerified Purchaser
  • 11 Dec 2020
    I am so happy this restaurant is in my area. πŸ‘ Come on Painters Mill Residents, support your local restaurants at your back door! You bought/rented your residence with the convenience of businesses within walking distance. Let’s support them!πŸ‘ Oh, Yummy food!
    Posted by: DianeVerified Purchaser