Frequently asked questions

Credit Card Payments

Your billing address did not match: Check with the bank, or with your bank statement which address is used with your credit card as the billing address. The system will not let you proceed if your billing address does not match.

CVV digit code is not correct: Make sure that the CVV digit code you entered is correct.

You will get FULL refund on your cancelled order within 3 business days.


Minimum order limit: Most of the discounts have minimum order limit and it is possible that you haven't reached that limit in your shopping cart. When the shopping cart reaches that specific amount, discount is applied automatically by the system.

Promotional discount: The discount may be a promotional one that has been expired or not valid for the restaurant you are ordering from. Please refer to the promotion guide line.

First time discount: The discount may be a first time user discount that is only applied to the first order of a registered user.

These kinds of discounts are designed by participating restaurants with their own resources and marketing efforts. A pick-up discount is not applied when the shopping cart is in delivery mode and naturally a discount valid for delivery is not applied when the shopping cart is in pick up mode. We have no control on these policies.


If you have allergies, please provide them on the order note and item note sections of your order. But please keep in mind that this will not guarantee that your concerns will be taken into account, we all work hard and note may escape from a cooks attention.

To make it sure, CALL the restaurant directly, and tell them your specific concerns about your allergies. Unfortunately, Inc CANNOT GUARENTEE that your order will be prepared as you requested. is not liable for any improper food preparation.

When you order through our systems, the participating restaurant is informed automatically by Fax, Email or E-Link Pro interface, which is a software designed by us for transmitting orders to restaurants. If in any case, we did not receive a confirmation from the restaurant, we call the restaurant in person and make sure that they got your order.

Receiving an order confirmation mail means your order is confirmed.

We send restaurants the same content you see in your confirmation mail. If the order you received is not the same, please contact the restaurant directly with the order number you are provided in the confirmation mail.

Please briefly describe what is wrong with your order and do not forget to include your order number in your email.

You can contact the restaurant directly by using the telephone number of the restaurant provided to you with your confirmation email to check the status of your order.

Order Cancellation

If an order is placed in as soon as possible (ASAP) mode, it cannot be cancelled.

In such cases, please do not forget to include your order number in your email.


We use industry standard 256 bit SSL encryption while transferring and receiving private consumer data on our site.

Unfortunately , no company can claim that the data they store is hundred percent secure. That is being said, although we are qualified to do so, we do not store your sensitive credit card information such as your credit card number in our systems. By choosing not to store such data, we can say that your data is safe with us.